Learning physics can seem like a difficult – and sometimes even boring – task for many Elementary and High School students. The SPRACE Game is here to show that learning can be fun and easy. The game, developed by SPRACE, teach students particle physics concepts not addressed by the curriculum of many Brazilian schools, such as quarks, leptons and other subatomic particles.

The SPRACE Game transports players to the subatomic scale, where they command a miniaturized spacecraft and have the mission of capturing particles and taking them to a laboratory for analysis. While having fun fulfilling missions, the player learns physics and concepts about elementary particles: what is the composition of protons and neutrons? What are quarks? What is color charge?

When playing the SPRACE Game, students will learn about the scientific knowledge acquired over the last century in the area of ​​High Energy Physics and will have a more in-depth view on the fundamental structure of matter. Currently, many school curricula remain stagnant in the atomic concept of the beginning of the last century.

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Java version


Windows version

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The game was produced by Summa Technology + Business and developed by Black Widow Games Brasil, with financial support from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the São Paulo Research Foundation (Fapesp).