SPRACE Timeline




2003 November S. F. Novaes, E. M. Gregores: “Thematic Project” approved by FAPESP
    Procurement processes for buying hardware starts
2004 January Installation of physical infrastructure starts at University of São Paulo
  March “Phase I” deployed: SPRACE starts processing D0 jobs
  September One million MC events processed for D0 collaboration
  November SC´04 record of data transmission (~ 2 Gbps)
2005 March 3.5 million MC events & 1 TB of data generated for D0
  June “Phase II” deployed: 115 cores & 12 TB storage
  July US Open Science Grid (OSG) comes to live
  August SPRACE signs membership with OSG
2006   New WDM channel (ANSP): SPRACE @ 1 Gbps
    SPRACE starts processing jobs for CMS VO of OSG
  September “Phase III” deployed: 180 cores & 12 TB disk
2007   New sysadmins for SPRACE starts 
    Discussion (ANSP) to deploy a CA for the State of São Paulo
    New UNESP campus connected to MetroSampa network
2008 March SPRACE domain: from “if.usp.br” to “sprace.org.br”
  September LHC first beam
  October New Thematic approved
  November NCC is officially created
2009 January Construction of NCC datacenter at new UNESP campus starts
  April FAPESP signs MoU with WLCG: BR-SP-SPRACE is now official
    SPRACE cluster transferred from USP to UNESP (~ 5 tons in 32 hours)
  September Inauguration of NCC datacenter and GridUnesp infrastructure
  November SC´09 in Portland: new record of data transmission (~8.8 Gbps)
2010 January New router (FAPESP): NCC connected to KyaTera & MetroSampa
  August SPRACE “Phase IV” deployed: 200 TB of storage
    New amplifiers (Padtec) on Kyatera network: 10 Gbps from NCC-ANSP
  December São Paulo OSG School: 5 experts from US: 30+ participants
2011   KyaTera network at NCC in production: 10G (commodity) + 10G (R&D)
  March GridUNESP presented at OSG-AHM´11 (Harvard Univ.)
    Partnership Intel: development of cloud at the Secretary of Education
2012 May NCC Workshop for training system administrators in HPC
  June SPRACE “Phase V” deployed: ~850 TB storage (1 PB raw)
  August IGTF approves ANSP Grid CA
  November SC´12: SPRACE-Padtec-Caltech demonstration of 100G link
2013 July NCC server used at INFIERI Summer School (Oxford)
  August NCC/SP and COPPE/RJ:“Intel Software Conference”
  November SC´13: OpenFlow exercise & new demo with Padtec
2014 July NCC server used at the second INFIERI Summer School (Paris)
  August NCC selected as a Intel Parallel Computing Center (IPCC)
  November SC´14 demonstration